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About Us

I Am SHE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to help girls and women from all walks of life to discover singleness, healing and empowerment by encouraging them to acknowledge the beauty of their individual identities, to overcome the adversities of their past, and to confidently walk in their own divine purpose. I Am SHE, Inc. utilizes a variety of conferences, seminars, campaigns, programs and other events as platforms to present motivational tools and resources for support and empowerment.


Singleness has nothing to do with your romantic relationship status, it is about your identity as an individual.

Your purpose begins with your singleness-- your individuality. You are vital to someone; however, your sole reason for existing is not just to be THEIR granny, daughter, mother, sister, wife, girl, etc. You have a specific individual purpose. There is a work that you alone must contribute to humanity.  By failing to tap into your individual identity, you deprive people of the divine gift that was imparted in you, at creation, to share. You can only offer to others the woman who you were purposed to be. You have to get to know her first though. When you stand alone in front of the mirror, SHE is the one single person who you see staring back at you. 


In order to find strength, we must experience vulnerability. To be vulnerable means to be wounded.
We regain our strength, as we heal our wounds.

Most women will face, fight and overcome many issues in this life. A woman is that fragile but resilient being who suffers wounds sustained from loss, illness, depression, domestic violence, addiction, betrayal, rape, hatred, exploitation, incarceration, homelessness, etc...but SHE keeps on standing. Wounds that go untreated don't heal and become infected. Infection contaminates your mind, body and soul. Healing is overcoming.Overcoming is living. Being SHE is life.

Living out the concept of common humanity - oneness.  I Am, Because We Are. We all need one another to succeed.


We thrive on the Zulu philosophy of human kindness-- 'Ubuntu,' which means "I am because we are." We are individuals but no one person, despite their strength can ever say, "I did this ALL by myself." All of our accomplishments have, in some way, been motivated by the failures and successes of others. Our life experiences, good or bad, serve as motivational tools for those around us. If you have chosen not to engage in a behavior because you saw how it affected another woman, you were unknowingly empowered by that woman. Don't shun her; find out more about her; help her. Perhaps you are that woman, share your truth. Someone else needs to hear about it. Oneness. I Am SHE because we are SHE .

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