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After watching countless young girls join the wrong crowds and make bad choices due to the environments in which they were raised this Dallas native, Shuntavia Reynolds, was determined to be a leader. Being the eldest of five girls afforded her the opportunity to set an example for young ladies to follow. She was driven to instill self-respect, self-love, strength and confidence into all young girls that were placed in her life. Motivated by her own experiences of conquering low self esteem, Shuntavia picked up her cross and hasn’t looked back.

Currently serving as a Praise & Worship Leader at The House in Modesto, California, Shuntavia has dedicated herself to exemplifying godly leadership in spreading the gospel of Christ’s love to young people from all walks of life. As an aspiring actress and Christian singer, she uses her gift as a platform to reach the masses; sharing her message of self respect and confidence in churches and on stages throughout California and Texas.







Amazing guests will combine Word, music and humor to highlight the conference theme, Good Things. Our dynamic speakers will bring life to topics such as “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”, “He That Finds A Wife Finds A Good Thing,” “Sometimes Good Things Come Apart So Better Things Can Come Together” and “All Things Work Together For the Good…”

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